Heroku — It’s uses & It’s benefits.

Heroku — It’s uses & It’s benefits.

Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps. Wide range of programming languages such as Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Python, Scala is offered by the this platform. Heroku charges its users based on computing resources like RAM and virtual machines allocated. The Heroku platform and user-created applications use Amazon Web Services as the underlying infrastructure. Developers can achieve swift application development using it as it is pretty convenient.

What is Heroku used for ?

Developers and companies can use Heroku for a diverse category of application including:

  1. Running smart containers
  2. Scaling applications
  3. Managed databases
  4. IoT platforms
  5. Web applications

Advantages of using Heroku :

  1. Consumer Friendly Tool — Since its first use, Heroku has proven to be an easy-to-adapt tool, even for those who haven’t fully mastered cloud tool configurations. With a well-defined dashboard, you can perform tasks such as managing, deploy and tracking metrics without major difficulties. The UX of the tool comprises the use of both a technical person and an end user without problems.
  2. Easy to scale — Heroku users can then choose to create any number of independent application copies once it has been prepared, a process known as horizontal scaling. Applications that receive an unprecedented influx of traffic can be handled through the one-click creation of hundreds of app instances. Heroku’s auto-scaling feature helps it easily detect traffic spikes and creates more Dynos accordingly.
  3. No Infrastructure Needed — As a container-based tool in the cloud, it has the support of many programming languages, a great variety of add-ons, and deployment provisioning are provided by the tool, leaving developers free to focus on their project, without having to worry about infrastructure details such as what version the OS use or which libs to install or even how to configure the firewall or hardware. However, this abstraction comes with a price, where the average processing value is just above the big players like AWS and Google.
  4. Security — Heroku offers developers a secure way of developing applications due to its security features. Heroku ensures optimal security for servers and application code and prevents any possible issues. This PaaS platform reduces developers’ requirement to push constant security patches, which can be a hassle, especially in more sophisticated web applications. Continue reading to learn additional Heroku benefits.
  5. It’s part of Salesforce — The Heroku PaaS is a part of SalesForce, one of the most reliable software industry names. Since its acquisition by SalesForce, Heroku has also developed considerably and achieved many more integrations. The companies are working together to provide high-quality solutions to meet the needs of businesses worldwide.

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