Ionic Framework & It’s benefits.

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Ionic Framework & It’s benefits.

Ionic Framework is an open source, front-end framework that allows you to develop hybrid mobile apps without any native-language hassle for each platform. It offers a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS, and JS components for building highly interactive mobile apps.

This tool allows you to create hybrid mobile applications. This platform enables you to build mobile apps with the help of web applications and languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, and Typescript. Ionic has a collection of components that provides the functionality of a mobile platform. Except for the feature, Ionic provides different behaviours. Ionic comes with efficient performance with minimum DOM manipulation. It comes with its command-line interface that allows you to develop the application & saves the coding efforts.

Features of Ionic Framework

  1. Free and Open-Source — Ionic framework is open-source and totally free to use. The complete source code is available on GitHub. So, basically if you have ideas, you can build mobile apps on a laptop with internet connection. Frameworks usually cost around 1000$ to be used, so the fact that Ionic is free is going to be more accessible.
  2. Platform Compatibility — When it comes to building apps, the ideal expectation is it should exist and perform well on every platform including Android, iOS, or even Windows. As Ionic is a cross-platform app development framework, it gives you the opportunity of doing that more easily.
  3. Huge Community — Even if you are an expert in app development, you can agree that it is a hard task. So, if you are new to Ionic framework, you would need all the help you can get when you face any problems. The massive Ionic community consists of the active and eager developers and users who are always ready to help you with any issues and questions.
  4. Cordova Plugins — Are you aware that plugins are a piece of code attached to your app that is coded in JavaScript to perform multiple things like a native app. Cordova Plugins help you get access to different features of the operating system such as battery, geo location, camera, access to logs, and more. These plugins improve the overall performance of your mobile app by just adding a few simple codes to your development.
  5. Built on Angular — Ionic is built on top of the AngularJS which is a very popular framework for creating both mobile and web apps. Ionic banks on the advantages of Angular framework and also uses it for providing application structure. Basically, the Google-backed AngularJS framework lets developers build high-quality mobile apps on Ionic platform.

Benefits of using Ionic Framework

  1. Android and iOS Support — The ionic framework supports Android 4.1 and iOS 7. These capabilities of this platform speed up the process of building the applications.
  2. Easy Adoption — It is extremely easy to adopt hence developers get to make the best out of this platform and its features.
  3. Components are Customizable — Using Ionic for app development will give you an opportunity to work with the themes and components that are highly customizable. Hence you can build the app as you want.
  4. Code is Manageable — Ionic framework is built on AngularJS. This will give your app a robust structure and make your code easy to manage.
  5. Enhanced Performance of the app — The ionic framework will boost the performance of your application.

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