Mongo Db & It’s Advantages

“Software eventually and necessarily gained the same respect as any other discipline.” - Margaret H. Hamilton

What is a Database ?

A Database is an organized collection of data, so that it can be easily accessed and managed. You can organize data into tables, rows, columns, and index it to make it easier to find relevant information. Database handlers create a database in such a way that only one set of software program provides access of data to all the users.

The main purpose of the database is to operate a large amount of information by storing, retrieving, and managing data. There are many dynamic websites on the World Wide Web nowadays which are handled through databases. For example, a model that checks the availability of rooms in a hotel. It is an example of a dynamic website that uses a database. There are many databases available like MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, MongoDB, Informix, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc.

What is MongoDB ?

MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database that is designed to store a large scale of data and also allows you to work with that data very efficiently. It is categorized under the NoSQL (Not only SQL) database because the storage and retrieval of data in the MongoDB are not in the form of tables.

MongoDB is not a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It’s called a “NoSQL” database. It is opposite to SQL based databases where it does not normalize data under schemas and tables where every table has a fixed structure. Instead, it stores data in the collections as JSON based documents and does not enforce schemas. It does not have tables, rows, and columns as other SQL (RDBMS) databases.

Advantages of MongoDB

  1. MongoDB stores data as JSON based document that does not enforce the schema. It allows us to store hierarchical data in a document. This makes it easy to store and retrieve data in an efficient manner. MongoDB provides tools to manage MongoDB databases.
  2. MongoDB supports, the search by regex and fields as well. It can be run as windows service as well, with a good amount of documentation.
  3. MongoDB is easy to scale up or down as per the requirement since it is a document based database. MongoDB also allows us to split data across multiple servers. It also provides rich features like indexing, aggregation, file store, etc.
  4. MongoDB performs fast with huge data & provides drivers to store and fetch data from different applications developed in different technologies such as C#, Java, Python, Node.js, etc.

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