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Our client for this project was a healthcare professional who had the business of counseling parents for behavioral problems with their children. Unfortunately, most of these problems were recurring and expected to happen, so our client decided to create a mobile app to automate the whole process at a fraction of the appointment fee and to avoid the hassle for parents to come to the clinic every time.

The result was an outstanding success as the client reported that 70% of the parents got their problems solved directly from the questionnaire from the app itself.

This app involved a complex tree of questions that would be asked to the end-user to arrive at a solution that would help the end-user handle the relationship with the children. So it required an automated learning approach from the app based on the answers given by the parents.

For tackling the above problem, An ML-based Questionnaire was created that adjusted the future questions as per the level of the answer to the current question. This questionnaire was also manageable via a backend CMS, allowing the app’s admin to enter questions and their responses to learn better in the app’s starting phase, giving an end-to-end solution for our client and their customers. 


Category - Mobile App Development

Date - Sep 13, 2020

Tags -

  • Machine Learning
  • React Native
  • Bots
  • Lifestyle

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