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We got this project from the famous SMS Gateway brand in the Netherlands, whose primary target for this project was to sell their platform on both SAAS and PAAS models.

One of the primary requirements in this project was not to do everything from scratch since the client was already managing their business from Salesforce. So we decided only to make the parts that were not manageable via Salesforce in order to avoid any migration. Therefore, we tend to have saved both time and cost for the client.

So we leveraged Salesforce's API to interact with Salesforce to get the data we require regarding customers and manage all the SMS sending, receiving related SMS Credits Management in the new web app. As the client wanted the website to be multilingual, we started with English and Dutch and allowed the flexibility to add any number of languages through internationalization architecture.

The web app for a customer looked typically like an Inbox/Outbox/Sent apps, which is a usual thing in our daily lives to make it simple for the SAAS users. In contrast, for the PAAS Business users, an advanced API configuration is allowed to integrate the exposed API with different business workflows, e.g., The PAAS users can create a flow to send all the SMS to a specific email or vice versa.

The most exciting feature for PAAS and SAAS users was bulk SMS via CSV upload and SMS merge, which allowed the users to create SMS templates with the dynamic variables and upload a CSV merging those variables with templates and sending automated SMS through both direct and scheduled mechanisms.

This system supports both prepaid and postpaid mechanisms that are authorized to cater for both types of payments and their related integrations via salesforce.

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Date - Apr 29, 2019

Tags -

  • Web Scraping
  • Web Automation
  • Heroku
  • MERN
  • CRM

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