Machine Learning Based Matchmaking CMS Platform


Our Client for this project had a offline business of scheduling blind dates between people of various backgrounds and profiles. The goal of this project was to automate the whole process of collecting the profiles to matching them and scheduling the dates with automated reminders so that the whole business can run automatically without the need of human intervention.

While figuring out how to match two people for blind date might be a big deal due to complex human intervention required to match various preferences and attributes of 2 profiles, this hassle will fade away with the this Machine Learning based platform. Let’s agree that it would be great if a business can run automatically and as a business owner you can sit back and relax.

Project Glossary


Category - Website Design and Development

Date - Feb 08, 2019

Tags -

  • Web Automation
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • CRM

Client Review

Kayla March

Founder at Wylei

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Laxaar has been able to make my dream business model an actually reality. Super reliable and extremely talented. We will continue to work together.

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